Rising a puppy

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Rising a puppy by Mind Map: Rising a puppy

1. About

1.1. If you are wondering whether or not you should invest in getting a puppy you have come to the right website. I will provide examples and stories to help some one determine whether or not they should get a dog

1.1.1. Here I will have the graphic design with QR code, using a flyer I will tell what the website is about and have the OR code on it

2. Contact

2.1. The contact page will consist of places people can call or email the organization in order to get more information

2.1.1. Add any social media pages

2.1.2. I will also add google forms to gather information from the websites visitors

3. Stories

3.1. I will add stories from those who have raised dogs and share their experiences good and bad so that the person can get a balanced idea if they can handle getting a dog

3.1.1. Add a video or animation to help with he visualization of having a dog

3.1.2. I can have a screen shot on here that can help navigate people to the tip page as those two are directly related

4. Home

4.1. this will be the cover page so that people can decide if they would like to continue to look through the website

4.1.1. This will have pictures and eye catching graphics so that we can have people come back to the page

4.1.2. I will put the pages logo on this page

4.1.3. This is where I will have the screencast to give viewers an insight into what will be in the website

5. Tips

5.1. I will use this page to create a tip page for those who already have a dog this page will also have a comment section so that others can add to it

5.1.1. I can include a infographic to show statistics here for those who like to see numbers

5.1.2. This is where I will have the app prototype so that the people can easily rate and give tips on the website

6. Tag line: Mans Bestfriend or mans bestfear