Repeating A Grade

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Repeating A Grade by Mind Map: Repeating A Grade

1. About

1.1. This will be about information about me and my background to give visitors an idea who the owner is

1.1.1. Graphic design: I will insert graphic deign picture of myself

1.1.2. Contact form: I will add a contact form so users can easily reach us. Embed: I will embed the strategic planning and reference page.

2. Topic/Overview

2.1. This page is about the topic to give the viewer a quick glance what this website is about.

2.1.1. Prezi: I will build and insert visual storytelling software

2.1.2. Logo: I will make my own logo and place it at the top of the page. I used the website logo maker

2.1.3. Digital Photo/Edit: I will search for a picture using the tools for reuse pictures then I will edit the photo in black and white

3. Background Information

3.1. This page is about all background information i found to support and grow my website to have a good data

3.1.1. Pow town: I will build a video that focus on teacher and the team who decides to repeat a child.

3.2. PROS TAB: This tab will be about all the good things and beneficial things you would get if you repeated a whole year again

3.2.1. Graphic Design w/ QR code: Simply create a graphic design and positive energy and attach a qr code i built aside and put it together

3.3. CONS TAB: This tab will be about all the bad and down falls if you would have to repeat a grade

3.3.1. Video: attach a YouTube video that explain the effects of repeating a grade.

4. Survey

4.1. This page will be about questions you need to answer about what you know also how feel about "Repeating a Grade" and what can do make this cite more beneficial for you.

4.1.1. Google Form: I will create a form to create questions to help benefit clients

4.2. Data Analysis: This page will be about all the data i will get from the survey and write about the feedback about the surveys.

4.2.1. Slideshow/ photos: I will insert photos of the data of the survey. Ill have one as a slide show and another set of pictures as a gallery

5. Viewpoint

5.1. This page is about my opinion and how i made me decision at the end using at the information i research on.

5.1.1. Info-graphic: simplify information in a visually engaging way in order to attract and inform a large audience

5.1.2. Images: i used a picture with a quote to have my viewers thinking