Children's Literature

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Children's Literature by Mind Map: Children's Literature

1. About Me

1.1. Talk about myself and my passion for this topic

1.1.1. Digital logo, digitally edited photo, screen cast explaining how to navigate my website and what's included.

2. Children's Books

2.1. Will include descriptions and images of essential children's books.

2.1.1. Link to Pinterest page associated with the website, a google forms survey about children's literature.

3. References

3.1. Page that will include the resources I used to create my site.

4. Home

4.1. Will include the title of the website and a description of the website.

4.1.1. Digital logo, digitally edited photo, poster for my website.

5. Contact Page

5.1. Will provide a way for visitors to contact me.

5.1.1. A contact form so people can contact me if needed.

6. Strategic Planning

6.1. Hidden page with my mindmeister strategic planning map.

6.1.1. Strategic planning map

7. Tagline: This website portrays the importance of children's literature and some of the most essential children's books

8. Importance of Children's Literature

8.1. Explains the essential information about children's literature and the importance of it in the education of children.

8.1.1. An animation about children's literature, Digital Photo Editing of pictures about children;s literature

9. Resources

9.1. Provides links to websites related to children's literature that will be beneficial for the users.