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Anna by Mind Map: Anna

1. About Me

1.1. Talk about myself and how I got into makeup

1.1.1. Digital Video

1.2. When/Why I threw out all of my makeup to switch to cruelty free

1.2.1. Pictures of animal testing

2. Resource Page

3. References

4. Brands (Cruelty Free)

4.1. Attach PETA website for brands that do not test on animals

4.1.1. Digital Photo Editing

5. Why Choose Cruelty Free Brands

5.1. Talk about animal testing and why it is wrong and can be avoided

6. Best Drugstore Products

6.1. Talk about how most drug store brands test on animals

7. What this Website is all about

7.1. Best makeup products for a full face

7.2. Best makeup products for a natural look

7.3. To help teach people how to use certain products

8. Tagline: All of your makeup needs in one place.