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Gabriel by Mind Map: Gabriel

1. About Me

1.1. Description of me so others can get an idea of why I am creating this page.

2. Community Fitness Blog

2.1. 1. Mental Health

2.2. 2. Fitness/Exercise

2.3. 3. Nutrition tips

2.4. 4. Questions for Management

2.5. Social Media Icons

3. Main Focus

3.1. Welcome all who are interested in wanting to share or receive health and exercise tips amongst the community.

4. Resources

4.1. Getting to Know You (survey)

4.2. How to work the website (screencast)

4.3. Powtoons

5. Contact Page

5.1. Contact forum for users to reach us

6. Home

6.1. Intro to the website

6.2. Business Flyer

6.3. Infographic