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Roc Nation by Mind Map: Roc Nation

1. Publishing

1.1. collect royalites

1.1.1. issue licenses promote songwriter's songs to artist/musicians

2. Touring

2.1. provide technology for tour

2.1.1. provide crew and support for tour

2.2. negotiate with venues via Live Nation (parent company)

2.2.1. set up tour dates via Live Nation (parent company)

3. Artist and Athlete Management

3.1. negotiate contracts

3.1.1. book events make connections/act as liaison between labels, companies and/or business personnel to create opportunities

3.2. endorsement deals

3.2.1. media relations charity work/community outreach

4. Merchandising & Marketing

4.1. promote artists, athlete or client

4.1.1. devise strategy and promote goods associated with brand of artist, athlete or client sell goods associated with artist, athlete or client

4.2. ad campaign

4.2.1. product design product placement

5. Business and Legal Affairs

5.1. contract negotiations

5.1.1. negotiate/ create joint ventures negotiate/ create production deals consult client, artist or athlete on business affairs

6. A&R (artist and repertoire)

6.1. talent scouting

6.1.1. artist development liaison between artist or client and label

7. TV and Film Production

7.1. create shows or movies

7.1.1. pitch shows or movies to TV or Film networks/companies

7.2. select scripts

7.2.1. create budgets