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NewJoiners by Mind Map: NewJoiners

1. Recruitment

1.1. What information to provide to kickstart NewJoinersProgram

2. Scheduling

2.1. What will be task after NJD?

2.1.1. Training

2.1.2. Bench/Network Selfstudy/Research MyLearning Salesforce Trailhead Network H'sum Stream Lead lunch?

2.1.3. Assigment Create 1 Pager in first week

3. Career Counseling

3.1. CC resp overlap with buddy in first month

3.2. CC Explains

3.2.1. MyTe Time What is a WBS Add WBS Setup Weekly Hours - Template Expenses Overtime Meal KM Allowance

3.2.2. Illness notification

3.2.3. Performance Achievement Strengths Priorities Talent Discussion

4. Buddy Program

4.1. Buddy Explains

4.1.1. MyScheduling Register Leave

4.1.2. Accenture Sites People Portal MyLearning

4.1.3. MyBenefits Accenture Share Program Payslip MyBenefits goals Mobile Costs AMEX Card

4.1.4. Lease Car vs NS Business Card

4.1.5. CloudFirstNL Office Structure Circles GreatPlace2Work (GP2W)

4.2. Connect

4.2.1. On afternoon of NJD

4.3. Duration

4.4. Responsibilities

5. Logistical

5.1. Hilversum Access Card

5.2. Hilversum Office Welcome

5.3. New Joiner Lunch with Ton/Mashad/Wim


6.1. 2 Weeks before

6.1.1. Recruiting Share NewjoinerList To NJP-team for BuddySearch To Scheduling for Assignement

6.1.2. NJP-team Start BuddySearch

6.2. 1 Week before

6.2.1. Scheduling Share 1st Assignment Assigned Benched

6.2.2. NJP-Team Build NJP Welcome Mail General Welcome CC/Buddy Contacts HIlversum Location details HIlversum Card Retrieval Details Assigment/Bench details (if known)

6.3. 3 Days before

6.3.1. Send out NJP Welcome mail

6.3.2. NJP Team

6.3.3. Lunch Invite (Chris)

6.4. NewJoinersDay

6.4.1. CC Welcome Call to NewJoiner

6.4.2. Buddy Welcome Call to Newjoiner

6.5. Day 2

6.5.1. Personal Welcome Hilversum Office

6.6. Week 1-4