Friend of my Youth

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Friend of my Youth by Mind Map: Friend of my Youth

1. Dreams of her mother

1.1. When she still was alive

1.2. run into her mother

1.3. She would look good, not sick

2. Mother

2.1. Was a teacher

2.2. often spoke about the Ottowa valley

2.2.1. Narrorator was dissapointed when she came to Ottowa

2.3. Was finishing her exams

2.4. She was getting ready for her wedding in July

2.4.1. She payed for her own wedding

2.4.2. She got a lot of presents

2.5. Had great admiration for Flora

2.6. Started letters but never ended them

2.6.1. to pupils anfrom her teaching days

2.6.2. My Friend of My Youth

3. Cameronians

3.1. Mother was not enthusiastic about the church

3.1.1. No organ

3.1.2. Plain glass in the window

3.2. Reformed respertorians

4. At the Grieve's

4.1. At Sunday

4.1.1. No lighting a fire for cooking

4.1.2. No writing letters

4.1.3. nor swatting a fly

4.2. Flora made friends with the mother

5. Ellie

5.1. was about 30

5.2. was married to am man named Robert Deal

5.3. Became sick

5.4. used to be a wild girl when she was 15

5.4.1. acting like a warrior

5.4.2. only Flora could keep her under control

5.4.3. She played pranks on Flora and Robert Robert humored for her sake

5.4.4. Ellie became deranged Running around Howling Her periods stopped Robert confessed Doctor came

5.5. The nurse told Ellie she should stop whimpering

5.5.1. She demanded expensive creams, puddings and jellies

5.6. Died later on

6. Flora

6.1. Took care of Ellie

6.2. Was very busy with the big cleaning

6.2.1. Flora looked funny in her clothes while cleaning

6.2.2. Wearly Durlish

6.2.3. The nurse always complained

6.3. People talked about her, She was a Saint

6.3.1. Flora helped Robert and Ellie get married

6.3.2. Helped Ellie Read to her Later she read the bible to Ellie cleaned her clothes

6.4. Flora had to stop with helping Ellie

6.5. Told the mother she was happy

6.6. Maiden Lady

7. House was divided

7.1. Ellie and Robert had the biggest part of the house because of children. But Ellie couldn't ger any children

7.2. Big cleaning in the summer

7.3. Roberts side got electric lights and it left Flora's side dark

7.3.1. Even when the outside was painted, Flora's side was left behind

7.3.2. Flora bought her own paint

8. Robert

8.1. Always drover the horse

8.1.1. Flora could ride the horse just as well but it was a man who should drive the horse

8.2. Came to work at the Grieves' after the father died

8.2.1. He and Flora became engaged

8.3. Came out Scotland

8.4. Got married to Nurse Atkinson

9. Nurse Audry Atkinson

9.1. Stout woman

9.2. She owned a car

9.2.1. People began asking questions how could she own a car? How is she to be trusted

9.3. She critisizes the house

9.4. Tries to befriend the mother

9.4.1. Wanted to teach her how to drive a car

9.4.2. Give her sigarets

9.4.3. The mother refused it all She knew Atkinson was raising her eyebrows behind her back Mother hated her more tha Flora did

9.5. Got engaged to Robert

9.5.1. Was buying new stoves and electralights

9.5.2. At the wedding she danced with every man present. Except for the groom. Flora wasn't present at the dance She payed people to laugh at Flora

10. Narrorator

10.1. Saw through her mother's story

10.1.1. Would tell a different story about Flora and Audry if she would write a book

10.2. Robert intigues her. He never says a word. But he was the man who started anything

10.3. Intrested in sexual feelings

10.3.1. The turning away from sex made Flora evil in the Narrorator's story

10.3.2. She grew up in the horror of sex

10.4. Is still interested in Flora

10.4.1. What would she do right now?

10.4.2. Making up her own stories

10.5. She feels cheated