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Nihilism by Mind Map: Nihilism

1. Reality

1.1. Material Cosmos

1.1.1. Autonomous Everything exists because matter made it out of itself

1.1.2. Matter Humans are highly complex machines made of matter

1.1.3. Orderly Everything happens because of an infinite amount of forces that happened leading up to that event

2. Knowledge

2.1. Interrelation of 'Ordered' Matter

2.1.1. The only way to test man's knowledge is to use the brain we are testing. There is no real way to know what is really real.

2.1.2. We have gained our knowledge through preservation of our cultures and highly interrelated matter in our brains

3. Right and Wrong

3.1. Relative to Culture

3.1.1. Reason cannot lead to morality, therefore what is acceptable or unacceptable is based on the culture surrounding a particular person

3.1.2. What is acceptable is determined by the preservation of a culture in its current state

3.1.3. No way of knowing when peace is more important than preserving a culture

4. Meaning of Life and Death

4.1. Nothing Matters

4.1.1. Nothing man has done or will do matters Everything was always going to happen exactly as it has, there is no free will

4.1.2. Death is Extinction There is nothing outside our closed reality, so death is the end of a person Everything is meaningless, including our birth and death