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Running (Irish Belisario for EDUC 551) by Mind Map: Running (Irish Belisario for EDUC 551)
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Running (Irish Belisario for EDUC 551)

Benefits of running

10 Benefits of Running

Longevity, energy, improved self-image/esteem, increased endurance

Studies have shown that running can provide instant relief from depression. Endorphins are released, a sudden burst of energy overwhelms, and an increase of positive self-image/confidence is in tow!

For beginners

Sarah's Fab Channel

Things you need for a successful run

Comfortable, breatheable workout clothes and socks, preferably clothing with an advance wicker system that will dry up sweat and keep you cool during runs. Comfortable running shoes. It will take a few runs before your shoes are broken in and take new shape. Find shoes that are ideal for you. Consider stability, balance, support, arch, and/or the light weight a pair of running shoes can provide. Water. ALWAYS HYDRATE! A light meal, preferrably an hour to 30 minutes before your run. Shot Blocks or Jelly Belly Sport Beans are handy before, during, and after runs.

Other useful resources

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