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CollinDoesStuff by Mind Map: CollinDoesStuff

1. Posts

1.1. Text and images of sewing. My sewing. Write about stuff. Still have a way back to homepage.

1.1.1. Image and text description.

2. References

2.1. Where I got any images that weren't mine. Text

2.1.1. Text citations.

3. SPlanning

3.1. Map.

3.1.1. Embed this.

4. About

4.1. Text. Why do this.

4.1.1. Picture and text.

5. Home

5.1. A feed of the posts. Click on the posts to go to that post's page like tumblr.

5.1.1. Text titles. Short. Pictures of posts leading to full post.

6. Contact

6.1. Contact form to email.

6.1.1. The standard form.

7. Recources

7.1. Just like a link to a tumblr?

7.1.1. Linksssssss