High Seas

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High Seas by Mind Map: High Seas

1. Feilong (The Wyvern)

1.1. dragon scroll babble fish


2.1. In Tripoli we were brought together by an inquisition roundup. we were rescued by the captain during our execution and offered to join his campaign to rob the Spanish.

2.1.1. We Set sail on the Mediterranean on a 3 week journey with a stop over in France to pick up more crew. the captian intends to head to spain. I use my downtime for strength training we encounter inquisition ships a few days in. During the battle,Matt killed Cardenal we vanquished the boarding boarding party and came under holy cannon fire. but alas, Captian redbeards ship slipped into the umbra.

3. OPC's

3.1. arjun (greg)

3.2. Benjamin Barker (sammie)

3.3. April O'neal (Ryan)

3.4. Mdonde (Cardenal){deceased}

3.4.1. Ihilo Madoma

3.5. Solomon the black (matt)

3.6. Miro

4. NPC'S

4.1. Captian redbeard

4.2. asir (firstmate)

5. enemies

5.1. the inquisition

5.2. celestial chorus

5.3. Akashic's