Improving Learning

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Improving Learning by Mind Map: Improving Learning

1. Reflect

1.1. Peace of mind

1.2. Having a good mindset

1.3. Reflect each objectives

2. Listen

2.1. Carefully attract to the things that you want to know and hear.

2.2. Emagine how accurate it is

3. Ask

3.1. Asking Questions.

3.2. Ask for Possible ideas

3.3. Logically approach

4. Practices

4.1. Identify high-value targets

4.2. Set up your plans

4.3. Integrate skills

5. Study

5.1. Be benevolent on your studies

5.2. Read vasts of book

6. Report

6.1. Be prepared for upcoming tasks.

6.2. Sentence each main Idea.