Chapter 9: Health Psychology

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Chapter 9: Health Psychology by Mind Map: Chapter 9: Health Psychology

1. Psychological Factors that Influence Health

1.1. Lowering or increasing stress levels

1.2. Anxiety

1.3. One's ability to function psychologically directly affects physical functioning.

2. Social Factors that Influence Health

2.1. Having a healthy support system, or not having one at all.

2.1.1. Family, friends, peers, teachers, etc.

2.2. Domestic Issues

2.2.1. Problems with spouse,children, parents

2.3. Culture

2.3.1. Different expectations in different societies

3. Psychosocial Effects on Physical Disorders

3.1. Can affect biological processes that cause illness or disease.

3.2. Long duration and severity of certain behavior patterns can lead to certain physical disorders.

4. Psychosocial Treatments of Physical Disorders

4.1. Biofeedback-Becoming aware of bodily function one is not normally aware of, such as heart rate or muscle tension.

4.1.1. The next step is learning to control those functions

4.2. Relaxation Procedures-muscle relaxation, transcendental meditation.

4.3. Hypnosis