Influences of Social Isolation in Young Adulthood

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Influences of Social Isolation in Young Adulthood by Mind Map: Influences of Social Isolation in Young Adulthood

1. Gender

1.1. Females may tend to be more social.

1.2. Safety of the location.

1.3. Behavior expectations for each gender.

1.4. Domestic Violent situation

2. Culture

2.1. Changing cultures - caught between two worlds.

3. Mental Disorder

3.1. Schizophrenia -

3.2. Anxiety and Depression

3.3. Personality Disorders

3.3.1. Autism

3.4. Stigma Associated

4. Other Influences

5. Religion

5.1. Might be positive as well as negative

5.2. Might be encouraged by cults who encourage this.

6. Location

6.1. Rural relocation to larger community.

6.2. Not fitting in and feeling like an outsider.

6.3. Military relocations

6.4. Safety of the location

6.5. Lack of light and cold weather might promote isolation.

7. Physical Disorder

7.1. Might interrupt with normal development, foster dependence, might have to face death.

7.2. Lack of access

7.3. Change in communities based on abilities.

8. Gender Identity

8.1. Failure to connect with yourself may make it difficult.

8.2. Safety

8.3. Not others around like you.

8.4. Disowned by family.

9. Sexual Identity

9.1. The amount of micro-aggressions and discrimination.

9.2. Family Disowning

10. Autism