Business problem: the number of products can be overwhelming

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Business problem: the number of products can be overwhelming by Mind Map: Business problem: the number of products can be overwhelming

1. Environment

1.1. Store layout

1.1.1. Move cash area to back of store to make room for "Help" station

1.1.2. Put "Need Help?" Kiosks in main aisle

1.1.3. Make "Help Station" visible from front entrance

2. Staff

2.1. Interactions with customers

2.1.1. Use open-ended questions What brought you in today?

2.1.2. Deterime if the customer is new or experienced New Educate customer on "How the Store Works" Experienced Highlight new products Communicate services Direct to Kiosks if customer prefers to shop solo

2.2. Appearance

2.2.1. Have tags/uniforms that identify staff expertise Ask me about cosmetics Ask me about skincare Ask me about haircare

3. PROBLEM: Customers don't come in at all

4. Solution: have a help station clear and visible from the entrance and windows

5. Use in-store displays for "What's new"

6. Technology

6.1. Put kiosks in area called: "Need help?"

6.1.1. App asks: "What are you looking for?" Gift idea Who are you buying for? How much do you want to spend? Cosmetics What kind of look do you prefer? (Use images) What is your colouring (use Colour IQ number if known) Skincare Hair Don't know What are your main beauty concerns?

7. Know your customers

7.1. Looking for gifts?

7.1.1. In-store display for gift ideas

7.1.2. Create a Gift Finder app Have one Gift Finder Kiosk in store Shows popular items What's the occasion? Who are you shopping for? Use online and in store

7.2. Looking for basics/getting started?

7.2.1. Create an option on the Kiosk app--Just the basics Suggest 3-5 products to get started, based on answers to a few general beauty questions

7.2.2. In store display/product bundles for "Just the basics"

7.3. Experienced shopper?

7.3.1. Highlight "What's new" Use technology/touch screens

8. PROBLEM: Customers leave without purchasing

9. SOLUTION: Know who your customers are, and what they want.

10. Know if they prefer a staff person, or technology to help them

10.1. Make both easy to access!