Electronic Dice

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Electronic Dice by Mind Map: Electronic Dice

1. Design

1.1. Colours

1.2. Shapes to best sell the product

1.3. Family friendly

2. Input

2.1. PTM (Push To Make switch)

2.2. Power Switch

2.3. Reset Switch

3. Output

3.1. LED's

3.1.1. Traditional electronic dice would suit this output as it is the simplest and easiest to naturally understand

3.1.2. LED's may vary in colour, meaning that they would be easily swapped for different designs of dice

3.2. Sound

3.2.1. This output alone may not be enough to understand the device properly so may be coupled with other outputs

3.2.2. The sound it produces may have to be simple high or low tones as any other noises would cost considerably more and require more programming and therefore labour costs

3.3. Vibration

3.3.1. This output could be the most able when modifying its desired meaning.

3.3.2. It could be used to state that the dice is rolling or has rolled etc...

4. Target Audience

4.1. Family

4.1.1. Everyone playing the game should be able to see the output at the same time

4.2. Schools

4.2.1. It must abide by health and safety acts and be suitable for educational use

4.3. Children

4.3.1. it must be safe for children to handle and rugged enough for them not to break easily

5. Client Requirements

5.1. 500 Pieces

5.2. Low Cost

5.3. Good Quality with good profit margins

6. Costs

6.1. Total

6.2. Individual

6.2.1. Per unit

6.3. Parts Excluding Labour

6.3.1. Part costs will be cheapest wholesale, this of course will be limited by the fact that there will only be 500 products int total

7. Materials

7.1. Wood

7.2. Plastic

7.3. Metal

8. Lifespan

8.1. As long as possible

8.2. Must not ruin design by being over rugged

8.3. Cannot overpower other features