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Computers by Mind Map: Computers
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Week 1 :History of Computing

Week 2 : Computer hardware

Week 3:key commands

week 4 :Computing basics

Week 5:Internet literacy

Week 6:More basics about computers

Week 7:Computer Vocabulary

Week 8: Computer Voacbulary

Week 9:Computer Networks

Week 10:Stimulations

Week 11:Computer Basics

Week 12:Networks

Week 13: Computer Vocab Revisited

Week 14:More computer Voacbulary

Week 15:Computer Basics

Week 16: Computer Vocabulary

Week 17:Computer Vocabulary

Week 18:Computer Basics


VR Movie

VR Movie Power Point

My Website

Internet Applications

Google sketchup

Free Typing Game

Mind Meister



UAS computer programs

ITGS Computer program

IBO Program