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Presentations by Mind Map: Presentations

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Jobs, Jobs´descriptions.

1.2. Positions in a Company

1.3. Positions in an Import-Export company

1.4. General vocabulary (import-export)

1.4.1. More vocabulary

2. Functions

2.1. Presentation of yourself

2.1.1. I´m (name)

2.1.2. I´m from (country, city)

2.1.3. I´m a (profession)

2.1.4. I work for (name of the company)

2.1.5. (Name of the company) specializes in (description of the company)

2.1.6. I´ve been working as (profession/occupation) for about/since (date)

2.2. Questions

2.2.1. What´s your name?

2.2.2. Where are you from?

2.2.3. What do you do?

2.2.4. What company do you work for?

2.2.5. How long have been working as (profession/occupation)?

3. Grammar

3.1. Present Simple

3.1.1. Affirmative sentences

3.1.2. Questions

3.2. Present Perfect

3.2.1. Affirmative sentences

3.2.2. Questions

3.3. Present Continuous

3.3.1. Affirmative sentences

3.3.2. Questions

4. Homework

4.1. Role Play

4.1.1. Prepare a dialogue with a classmate using the cards given by the teacher at the end of the class. You have to dramatize it the following class

5. Extra Practice

5.1. Introducing your business

5.1.1. Enter the link, and double click in "an activity sheet" in the title "Class set-up and activity". Do the exercise