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Space by Mind Map: Space

1. Galaxies

1.1. Mikyway

1.1.1. The milky way contains over 200 billion stars and has enough dust and gas to make more

1.2. wirl pool

1.2.1. The official name of this galaxy is M51. The galaxy is 30 million light years away from the milky way.

1.3. black eye galaxies

1.3.1. It is 24 light years away from Earth

1.4. Messier 81

1.4.1. It can be easily seen in binoculars. The best time of the year to see M81 is in spring.

1.5. Pinwheel galaxy

1.5.1. There are about 3000 starbirth regions in the spiral arms of the pinwheel galaxy

2. black hole

2.1. A black hole is made when a star stars running out of fuel and begins to collapse.


3.1. Nation Aeronautics and Space. NASA is apart of the US Government agency that is responsible for science and technology related to space and air. The Space Age started in 1957 with their first launch.

4. planets

4.1. mercury

4.1.1. the surface is similar to the moon as it has a rocky surface

4.2. Venus

4.2.1. Venus has no liquid water

4.3. Earth

4.3.1. The earth is between 4 and 5 billion years old

4.4. mars

4.4.1. Mars has really weak gravity and cannot hold onto the atmosphere well.

4.5. jupiter

4.5.1. Jupiter has a strong magnetic field and you would have to weigh 2 and a half times the amount you would on earth.

4.6. saturn

4.6.1. Saturn has a small rocky core covered with liquid gas

4.7. uranus

4.7.1. Uranus takes 84 earth years to go around the sun

4.8. neptune

4.8.1. Neptune suffers the most violent weather in our solar system

4.9. pluto

4.9.1. Because it is further away from the sun it is the coldest planet.

5. sun

5.1. 1million Earths could fit in the sun. The temperature in the sun can reach 15 million degrees celsius.