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1. Transactional work through service centers, e-HR and outsourcing

1.1. Transactional work

1.1.1. Standardlized

1.1.2. Routine & Administrative

1.1.3. handled through service centers New Ways employee assistance programs relocation administration benefits claims processing pension plan enrollment and administration applicant tracking payroll and learning administration

1.1.4. e-HR & outsourcing technology access information on HR policy & usage HR expertise can be shared two or more firms get together to create a common service outright purchase from vendors who specialize in offering it

1.2. Transformational work

1.2.1. Embedded HR

1.2.2. HR centers of expertise

2. Corporate HR

2.1. create a consistent culture face & identity to serve external stakeholders

2.2. shape the programs that implement the CEO's agenda

2.3. ensure that all HR work done within the corporation is aligned to business goals

2.4. arbitrate disputes between centers of expertise & embedded HR

2.5. take primary responsibility for nurturing corporate-level employees

2.6. ensure HR professional development

3. Embedded HR

3.1. 3 titles

3.1.1. relationship manager

3.1.2. HR business partner

3.1.3. HR generalist

3.2. engage in business strategy discussion, represent employee interests & explore the implications of change

3.3. define requirements to reach business goals and identify where problems may exist

3.4. select & implement the HR practices that are most appropriate to the delivery of the business strategy

3.5. measure & track performances to see whether the HR investments made by the business deliver the intended value

4. Centers of expertise

4.1. create service menus aligned with the capabilities driving business strategy

4.2. diagnose needs & recommend services most appropriate to the situation

4.3. collaborate with embedded HR professionals in selecting & implementing the right services

4.4. create new menu offerings if the current offerings are insufficient

4.5. manage the menu

4.6. shepherd the learning community within the organization

5. Operational Executors

5.1. embedded HR

5.1.1. often feel drawn into operational work by the volume of it, even when they have the skills & self-confidence to be more strategic & are encouraged to focus in their transformational role coompany create a team of "HR operational consultant" who were assigned to a business to help turn the strategy into action