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Careers by Mind Map: Careers

1. Car Designer

1.1. I was a big fan of different kinds of cool cars when I was young. I hoped that one day I could design cars myself.

1.2. use my creativity

1.3. Does not involve a lot of traveling

1.4. Allows my creativity to put into practical use

1.5. High Salary if graduates from a decent university

1.6. Job depends on the demands of car designing.

2. Computer engineer

2.1. I love new technologies, and I want to continue this when I graduate.

2.2. Higher Salary than the car designer

2.3. Wide range of job variety

2.4. Requires better marks when applying for the universities.

2.5. Must be good at math and computer programming.

3. Company Creator

3.1. Control other people

3.2. Create a company is a tough task without experience.

3.3. Need people to trust you.

3.4. Requires leadership

3.5. Not everyone have the ability to create a company and run it very well.

4. Electrical car engineer

4.1. Electric cars does not produce pollution.

4.2. Making it more efficient can help people travel farther with this kind of car.

4.3. My final company is hopefully Tesla. Because it's a very interesting and friendly company.

4.4. Same with the Car designer, I love to play with cars with I was about 5-10 years old. I want to get a job where it still relates to cars.

4.5. Electrical car engineer is hard job. It requires high levels of education. If I don't get into a good university for this career, I won't be able to find jobs when I graduate.

5. NHL player

5.1. Highest level of hockey careers.

5.2. Most hockey player's dream.

5.3. High salary but only during the career which is about 10 years average.

5.4. Barely possible job for me to achieve.

6. Investment Bank

6.1. Requires a mix of different skills. For example, if the investment is on a hockey team, I would have to be a very decent hockey player plus a intelligent business man.

6.2. High salary (much higher than the computer engineer and car designer.)

6.3. If I want to get into a top investment Bank in the world, it is nearly impossible for me. So I stopped dreaming about this job.

6.4. A lot of risks. If one investment was not correct, the whole company would bankrupt.

6.5. I never heard of this job until my dad told me last year.

6.6. I felt that it will be very intense and also interesting.