Applications and Rules for Indefinite Articles

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Applications and Rules for Indefinite Articles by Mind Map: Applications and Rules for Indefinite Articles

1. Although in the Spanish the indefinite article, also called indeterminate article, has some variations that do not exist for the indefinite article in English, its meaning is the same: "un" or "an".

2. It is important to make clear that both "a" and "an" take both meanings (one, one). they will always accompany a noun, this noun will always be an accounting noun and will always be in its singular form.

3. use "a" when the noun that follows begins with a consonant sound

3.1. a car – un coche a book – un libro a dog – un perro a ball – una bola/pelota a pencil – un lápiz

3.2. Some example sentences: They have a car. The dog is playing with a ball. I am reading a book.

4. Use "an" when the noun that follows begins with a vowel sound. Some words are pronounced with a consonant sound even though their first letter is a vowel.

4.1. Example: an apple – una manzana an egg – un huevo an ant – una hormiga an umbrella – un paraguas/ una sombrilla an oven – un horno

4.2. Some example sentences: The boy always eats an apple in the mornings. -You need an umbrella because it’s raining a lot. -An ant was walking on my pillow.

5. Exceptions: There are two exceptions related to two specific letters, so it will not be difficult to remember and you can be sure that you are using the indefinite article in English in the correct way.

5.1. The letter 'h'

5.1.1. Everything depends on the sound, and it turns out that for this letter there are two cases: sound of 'j' and the famous 'h' silent.

5.2. The letter 'u'

5.2.1. It is part of the vowels, but in some words it may sound like a consonant. Specifically, it takes the sound of the pronoun of the second singular person "you". Example: an umbrella a uniform an uncle a university

5.2.2. It is obvious that when it takes sound of 'j' the sound is of consonant reason why "a" is used, but when it is mute generally the pronunciation of the word will initiate with sound of vowel, reason why "an" is used . Eaxample: a horse – un caballo an hour – una hora a house – una casa an heir – un heredero

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