Software / Hardware

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Software / Hardware by Mind Map: Software / Hardware

1. Basic Hardware

1.1. Motherboard, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

2. Complementary Hardware

2.1. Printer, scanner, digital video camera, webcam, etc.

3. Hardware Groups

3.1. Input devices

3.2. Chipset (Auxiliary Integrated Circuit)

3.3. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

3.4. Control unit

3.5. Arithmetic-Logical Unit

3.6. Storage unit

3.7. Primary or Primary Memory (RAM - ROM)

3.8. Secondary or Auxiliary Memory (Hard Disk, Flexible, etc.)

3.9. Output devices

4. System Software

4.1. OS

4.1.1. Supply of User Interface

4.1.2. Resource Management

4.1.3. File management

4.1.4. Task Management

4.1.5. Support Service

4.2. Device Drivers

4.3. Utilitarian Programs

5. App software

5.1. Programs designed for or by users to facilitate the completion of specific tasks on the computer

6. Programming Software

6.1. Compilers, interpreters, assemblers, linkers, debuggers, text editors and an integrated development environment that contains the above tools, and usually has an advanced graphical user interface (GUI).