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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. Troubles

1.1. Budget

1.1.1. Materials

1.1.2. Personnel

1.1.3. Services

1.1.4. Duration

1.2. Deadline

1.3. Requirements

2. Resources

2.1. Books, websites and articles

2.2. Team Members

2.3. Interviews with expert mentors and other important people.

2.4. Ms. Siska

3. Art work

3.1. Poster of YouTube comment section also a model of a crying girl holding a phone with hate comment.

3.1.1. Comments that is very cruel to others.

3.1.2. A girl crying while holding a phone filled with hate comments.

3.2. Model of someone holding a phone and their brain.

3.2.1. On the phone there will be like a monster face/skull.

3.2.2. The brain will be different colored so it is easier to explain.

3.3. Model of a phone sticking on someone's face.

3.3.1. The phone sticks on the face to show that if we are addicted to Social Media, it's like we stick to the phone.

3.3.2. The phone will look like a monster bug. It will also look like a mind map so it could be easier to explain.

4. Work Shop

4.1. YouTube Video:

4.1.1. Explaining about gadget addiction, social media & cyber bullying with a little bit of role play.

4.2. Goals:

4.2.1. To teach P3 about Social Media, Cyber Bullying and Addiction.

4.2.2. To make sure that they don't fight.

4.3. Game Show:

4.3.1. It's called SM Boom (Social Media)

4.3.2. So they are divided into 3 groups. They have collect facts papers while helping each other to pass the lava with a carpet.

4.3.3. At the end, we will let the students read the facts and then give it to us. Then, we will ask questions and the group that can answer the most wins!

5. Central Ideas

5.1. 1. Social Media can affect our lives in many ways.

5.2. 2. Our responsibility in using Social Media.

6. Roleplay

6.1. Main Idea of the Story

6.1.1. How being addicted to Social Media can change who you actually are.

6.2. Scene 1:

6.2.1. Everyone is holding/using their gadgets and phone.

6.3. Scene 2:

6.3.1. The Fashionista in the school gets likes on her (awesome) post. She gets 250 likes. On Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube.

6.4. Scene 3:

6.4.1. There is a girl in school that gets more likes on her posts in Social Media because she has cooler style. (That is trending this time)

6.5. Scene 4:

6.5.1. The bling-bling girl hates that casual girl so she becomes a hater and then, the casual girl gets 75 haters. So, the haters started to cyber bully her.

6.6. Scene 5:

6.6.1. Then, she gets depressed and she locks herself in her room. Then, she takes a container of pils and pours it onto her hand until it's drops.

6.7. Curtains close and the ending is continued in the booth.