Marine Conservation

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Marine Conservation by Mind Map: Marine Conservation

1. Importance of marine life

1.1. Resources

1.1.1. Oil Can be used for vehicles and planes Can be used to cook/fry food Can be burned and used as electricity Can be used to smoothen gears

1.1.2. Seafood Crab Prawn Crayfish Fish

1.2. Why is marine life important?

1.2.1. Marine life is important as most of our food source such as seafood is being found in waters

2. Marine pollution

2.1. What is marine pollution?

2.1.1. Marine pollution happens when humans or animals litter into the waterways

2.2. Litter

2.2.1. oil spills Oil spills affects marine life in a way that it covers the surface and does not allow air to go in or out, resulting in death of marine animals

2.2.2. Domestic garbage Plastic debris Plastic bags Plastic bottles Metal debris Aluminium cans

2.3. The items if left

2.3.1. Marine pollution occurs when harmful effects, or potentially harmful effects can result from the entry into the ocean of llychemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural and residential waste, noise, or the spread of invasive organisms

2.4. Definition

2.4.1. Dirty or unused things thrown into the sea which harms the marine animals.

3. Over Fishing

3.1. What is overfising?

3.1.1. Catching too many fish that the fish cannot substain their population

3.1.2. The fish get fewer and fewer until there are none to catch

3.2. Why is overfishing a problem?

3.2.1. We are losing are losing species as well as entire ecosystems

3.2.2. We are in a risk of losing a valuable foodsource

3.3. How to solve the problem

3.3.1. Set some basic ground rules for sustainable fishery near-shore or high sea

3.3.2. Safe catch limits- determine limit on the total number of fish caught and landed by a fishery

3.3.3. Protection of important habitats

3.3.4. Fish Farming

3.3.5. Tagging