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Syntax by Mind Map: Syntax

1. I saw the man who walked beside the lack.

2. L or I language internal ability (the object of study this book).

3. Liner order.

4. Ambiguity

5. Set of words

6. Competences and performance

7. Ex

7.1. The boy saw a man holding telescope.

7.2. I went to the bank .

8. l or e language external representation.

9. Cognitive science

9.1. Computer

9.2. Philosophy

10. The scientific method

10.1. Gather and observe data

10.2. Make generalizations

10.3. Develop hyphotheses

10.3.1. hyphotheses rules who people should speak.

10.3.2. Group of hyphotheses grammar rules.

11. Corpora: a collection of real word data.

11.1. It’s not enough;only collect correct grammatical sentences.

12. Grammaticality judgment task

12.1. Doing blew up the building

12.2. Doing blew up it