Marketing OKR

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Marketing OKR by Mind Map: Marketing OKR

1. Michelle

1.1. Successful Marketing App Launches

1.1.1. Support Nourish, Thrive, Boost

1.1.2. Successful Launch Field marketing execution Hitting Account user and sales target for the first 2 weeks of launch

1.1.3. Digital Strategy

1.1.4. Successful Marketing App Launches Field execution communication kit Activation assets available for each launch brand ambassadors for each launch Hitting Account user and sales target for the first 2 weeks of launch Post Launch surveys Monthly results update Social execution Paid media Organic media

1.1.5. Successful Ongoing Product Marketing 1 contests campaign for Boost 1 engagement campaign for Boost

1.1.6. Expanding marketing knowledge to team 1 meet up or external marketing event - 80% participation rate

2. Nadia

2.1. Grow CDL Brand Awareness

2.1.1. linkeded target 800 followers

2.1.2. instagram target 400 3 posts a week

2.1.3. youtube target 500 views

2.1.4. 3 articles per month on blog thought leadership product results

2.2. Successful paid Social Media Marketing

2.2.1. creating a budget for the all launch sites

2.2.2. launching paid media on instagram and facebook for launches $4 per user - acquisition cost

2.2.3. create content for unit social team to execute for every launch 4 content per week for 3 weeks

2.3. Increase Marketing Team Knowledge (Marketing Lab)

2.3.1. Monthly team meetings - each member has to review marketing article that exposes new marketing ideas

2.3.2. Implementing some of the new ideas into our marketing team's strategy

2.4. Loyalty

2.4.1. complete financial model for 2400

2.4.2. finalize mvp scope including POS

2.4.3. support model

3. Vipul

3.1. Grow email database

3.1.1. US Email database - # of users = # of registered mobile app users

3.2. Improve buyer and non buyer journeys

3.2.1. open rate > 22%

3.2.2. Get deep links capabilities 1.25 % CTR

3.3. Converting non buyers to buyers

3.3.1. improve by 2%

3.4. Broaden team's marketing knowledge

3.4.1. Organizing bi-monthly presenters

4. Sydny