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Trigeminal nerve by Mind Map: Trigeminal nerve

1. Motor

2. Sensory

2.1. Opthalmic

2.1.1. Lacrimal

2.1.2. Frontal Supraorbital Supra trochlear

2.1.3. Nasociliary Branches in orbit Long root of ciliary ganglion Long ciliary nerves Posterior ethmoid nerve Anterior ethmoidal nerve Ethmoidal nerve Branches in nasal cavity Terminal branches

2.2. Maxillary

2.2.1. Branches in middle cranial fossa Middle meningeal nerve

2.2.2. Branches in pterygopalatine fossa Zygomatic nerve Zygomatico temporal Zygomatico facial Pterygopalatine nerves Orbital Nasal Palatine branches Posterior superior alveolar nerve Branches in infraorbital groove and canal Middle superior alveolar nerve New Topic Face Inferior palpebral branch External or lateral nasal Superior labial branches

2.3. Mandibular

2.3.1. From main trunk Meningeal branch Nerve to medial pterygoid

2.3.2. From anterior trunk Buccal nerve Motor branches Massetric Deep temporal Nerve to lateral pterygoid

2.3.3. From posterior trunk Auriculotemporal Lingual Inferior alveolar nerve Mylohyoid branch Mental nerve