Possible topic ideas

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Possible topic ideas by Mind Map: Possible topic ideas

1. Global Health

1.1. Short term medical volunteering

1.1.1. Benefit to the community served What are the long term benefits to communities that recieved care from short term medical volunteerism? What model of short term medical volunteering provides the greatest benefit to the communities visited?

1.1.2. "Voluntourism" Are we actually helping the communities that we are serving or helping ourselves by making it feel like we're doing good?

2. Pediatrics

2.1. Children of low income families

2.1.1. Can we utilize school nurses to help supplement care for children in low income family/without insurance to increase positive health outcomes/decrease unnecessary ED visits?

2.1.2. How does familial socioeconomic status relate to health outcomes in children?

2.2. Childhood obesity

2.2.1. What methods can be used to promote healthy lifestyle in children to minimize or prevent childhood obesity?

2.2.2. In schools Do unhealthy school lunches contribute to the childhood obesity rate in America? What model of health programs in schools has a greatest impact on obesity rates?

2.3. Schools' roles in increasing health among students

2.3.1. Can school nurses play a bigger role in medical care for children of low income families

2.3.2. Do school programs aimed at increasing activity actually decrease childhood obesity

2.3.3. Sex ed Do schools that teach about safe sex, STDs and proper protection have lower rates of unplanned pregnancy and STDs? Do schools that teach abstinence only sexual education have lower rates of unplanned pregnancy and STDs?

3. Dementia

3.1. Family of patients with dementia

3.1.1. Would the caretakers of patients with dementia benefit from therapy to help cope and teach ways to deal with the changes going on in their loved one?

3.2. Living with dementia

3.2.1. At what point in the disease should a patient be moved from their own home to an assisted living/memory care facility?

3.2.2. Do patients benefit more from having a visiting nurse care for them in the familiarity of their own homes or from living in assited living/memory care with mroe constant monitoring?

4. Psychology

4.1. PTSD

4.1.1. Sexual assault survivors Rates of PTSD in sexual assault survivors Relationship of developing PTSD compared to the type of care recieved post assault Losing people to follow up Are male sexual assault nurse examiners as trusted and effective as female for female patients in the emergency setting? Treatment Can medication be effective in the treatment of PTSD from a sexual assault when combined with talk therapy?

4.1.2. Veterans How can we better treat veterans' PTSD? Under funded VA hospitals, veterans not being able to get jobs, etc

4.2. Depression

4.2.1. College students Those who seek treatment vs those who don't Why do some people not seek treatment for depression? How can we increase the availability and usage of counseling and therapy on college campuses?

5. Oncology

5.1. Ovarian Cancer

5.1.1. Survival rates Relation to socioeconomic status What role does socioeconomic status have in the outcome of ovarian cancer treatment? Relation to race What role does race have in the outcome of ovarian cancer treatment?

5.1.2. Treatment Aggressive treatment vs quality of life In late stage ovarian cancer, is it better to treat aggressively and diminish patients' quality of life, or should we leave them untreated to live freely?

5.1.3. Detection Methods of detection How can we increase awareness of ovarian cancer early signs and symptoms in the general public? How can we increase awareness of th eearly signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer in healthcare providers? Early vs late and effect on prognosis Methods of earlier detection What are the most effective methods of detection of ovarian cancer and how can we improve them?

5.2. Lung Cancer

5.2.1. What are major risks in developing lung cancer in non smokers? Second hand smoke exposure What are the chances of developing lung cancer after living with someone who smokes for x amount of years? What can you do to reduce your risk of lung cancer if you suffer from secondhand smoke exposire? Occupational How can you minimize your risk of developing lung cancer (or ILD??) from occupational exposure to carcinogens?

5.3. Breast Cancer

5.3.1. Awareness Do breast cancer awareness campaigns actually have an effect on early diagnosis/treatment/survival rates of breast cancer?

5.3.2. Prophylactic mastectomy What patients gain the most benefit from prophylactic mastectomies?