My contributions on JOL

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My contributions on JOL by Mind Map: My contributions on JOL

1. Making Use of ICT

1.1. Making use of ICT tools such as linoit, edmodo, ezhishi engages pupils in their learning. Learning can be more self directed and pupils centered with the help of ICT skills. Pupils can do revision and extra practices on their own. During class, it excites and engages them when ICT tools are used.

1.2. Flipped Learning. Making use of ICT tools enables me to carry out flipped learning with my classes. This is a great time saver and more emphasis can be put in more difficult content in class

2. Role Play

2.1. Role play is well loved by my lower primary pupils. Role play not only helps them to recognize word character(they need to learn how to read the words), it also helps them to build up their oracy skills and confidence level.

3. Joy of Teaching

3.1. To create "joy of learning", i feel that we should also have "joy of teaching" in us. We must first enjoy teaching in order to for us to create/conduct lessons that pupils enjoy.

4. Rapport Between Pupils

4.1. Sharing with them some personal stuff/experience. (Especially areas where i failed/did not do well in.)

4.2. Pupils to share with me some personal stuff. This allows me to know them more in depth. (Pupils who are not comfortable sharing with the class can write me personal notes.)

5. Rewards

5.1. Pupils are rewarded when they do well academically. It can be an improvement as well. It need not be a big test like SA1. They can be rewarded even just by improving 3 marks for their spelling.

5.2. Pupils are rewarded in terms of moral and character as well. Simple thing such as doing a good deed or helping a friend, they will be rewarded.

6. Playing Educational Games

6.1. Word recognition games are played during class to make lesson more interesting. They are usually played as a mode of "assessment" or "revision". This motivates pupils to do self revision at home as they want to score points for their team. At the same time, teacher is able to assess the understanding of pupils through the mistakes they make.

7. Group Work

7.1. I like to team up a weaker pupil with a stronger pupil. This encourages the peer learning and evaluation.

7.2. Group work makes learning more engaging as pupils will discuss and share ideas. Learning is more pupil centered.