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Resources by Mind Map: Resources

1. Natural resources

2. non-renewable resources

2.1. metals

2.2. fossil fuels (coal, crude oil, natural gases)

2.2.1. crude oil forms petroleum

2.3. non-biodegradable materials

3. Renewable resources

3.1. wind energy (windmills)

3.2. solar energy (e.g. solar panels)

3.3. hydroelectric power (e.g. water turbines)

3.4. geothermal energy

3.5. bioenergy from organic matter

3.6. hydrogen (hydrogen fuel cells to provide energy)

4. hydrosphere

4.1. hydroelectric power

4.1.1. waterfalls

4.1.2. dams

4.2. fish

4.3. coral reefs

4.4. oceans, rivers and seas

4.5. waterfall

5. Lithosphere

5.1. oxygen

5.2. silicon

5.3. aluminum

5.4. iron

5.5. calcium

5.6. sodium

5.7. potassium

5.8. magnesium

6. biosphere

6.1. animals

6.2. forests (wood)

7. Atmosphere

7.1. nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide

7.2. weather conditions

8. belongs to

8.1. each and every one of us since we are all living on this planet and using these resources to sustain our own lives, hence the resources belong to us, and are our responsibility. the earth belongs to us, just as much as we belong to the earth. earth is our home, and has been our home for millions of years, and thus, as it has taken care of us, we should take care of it too :)