IT Requirements

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IT Requirements by Mind Map: IT Requirements

1. ISP

1.1. York Data Services

1.1.1. Features 19.27mbps Download Speed

2. IT Support

2.1. Mr ICT

2.1.1. Features Helpdesk On-Site

2.1.2. Issues Support outside office hours is extra

2.2. Caltech

2.2.1. Features Telephone Support Training Support

2.2.2. Issues Costly Upgrade Database Migration Caltech have designed bespoke database tables, whoever supplies a new CRM will have to be able to deal with this.

3. Software

3.1. CRM

3.1.1. Goldmine Issues Poor Usability No Spellcheck Filters & Groups limited to 2000 Features Email Calendar Contact Search Contact Records Mail Merge SQL Queries Import Data Export Excel Files Filters & Groups Password Protected Login Timesheeting Requests Select Multiple Emails to Action

3.2. Financial

3.2.1. Sage Features Sage Forecasting Sage 50 Professional Requests Sage on Server

3.3. MS Office

3.3.1. Features Powerpoint Excel Word Excel

3.4. Anti-virus

3.4.1. ESET Nod32

3.5. Creative

3.5.1. Adobe CS2 Features Photoshop InDesign Issues Incompatible with supplier systems Requests Upgrade to CS5

3.5.2. X-Mind Pro Features Mind Mapping

4. Hardware

4.1. Server

4.1.1. Microsoft Business Server 2008 Issues SCY can't update software Some staff can't fully work remotely Features Daily backup onto external hard drive

4.2. Wireless Router

4.3. Phones

4.3.1. Wired

4.3.2. Wireless Issues Can't transfer No voicemail

4.4. Smartphones

4.5. PC's

4.5.1. Issues SCY staff can't install software

5. Purpose

5.1. The purpose of this document, is to identify issues, features and requests from our current IT systems.