World War One: Canadian Perspectives

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World War One: Canadian Perspectives by Mind Map: World War One: Canadian Perspectives

1. Concepts of War

1.1. Types of Battalions/Brigades in the army

1.1.1. Infantry: Soldiers on foot

1.1.2. Cavalry: Soldiers on horse

1.1.3. Artillery: Soldiers that deal with weaponry

1.1.4. Engineers: Building/Designing the trenches, tunnellers underground, designing weapons

1.1.5. Construction: Built the trenches, got timber

1.1.6. Medical

1.2. Female and Male Roles

1.2.1. Women's jobs at the front Ambulance Drivers Nurses

1.3. War by Air

1.4. War by Sea

1.5. The Boer War: The last major offensive Britain engaged in. Canadians took part, there was very controversial conscription discussions

1.6. Class Structures in the Army (commission vs enlistment)

1.6.1. Officer: Comissioned

1.6.2. Private: The first rank of the enlisted soldier

2. Battles

2.1. The 2nd battle of Ypres

2.2. The Battle of the Somme

2.3. Vimy Ridge

2.4. Paschendale

2.5. The Last 100 days

3. Weapons

3.1. Rifles / Snipers

3.2. Tanks

3.3. Machine Guns

3.4. Bayonets

3.5. Chemical Weapons

3.5.1. Chlorine Gas

3.5.2. Mustard Gas

3.6. Zeppelin

3.7. Air planes

3.8. Torpedoes

4. Places / Locations

4.1. Canada

4.2. France

4.3. England

4.3.1. Blighty: Slang term for Britain where people would go and recuperate from an injury. Wounds were sometimes called Blighty's if it meant you got a rest from the front.

4.3.2. Salisbury Plains: Canadian Training Camp

4.3.3. Whitley: Canadian Training Camp

4.4. Belgium

5. Soldier Vocabulary

5.1. Battalion / Brigade / Contingent: A Unit within a Division

5.2. Division: A large group of soldiers. Canada had 4 in WW1

5.3. Puttee: A leg brace

5.4. Talkie: A radio program

5.5. Fritz: German Soldiers

5.6. Kaiser: The head of the German state

5.7. D-War: A Damned War

5.8. Homesteads: An area of farmland where the farmers live.

5.9. Inoculate: A treatment or vaccine

5.10. Bivouac: A Temporary Camp

5.11. Zeps / Zeppellins: Blimps, used to drop bombs

5.12. Lee Enfield Rifles: The Canadian Issue Rifle, with a bayonette

5.13. Haversac: The backpack issued to soldiers

5.14. Shilling: British money

5.15. Pence: An English penny

5.16. Sapper: Tunneller / Engineer

5.17. Parapet: The top of the trench

5.18. Barbed Wire

5.19. Periscopes: A lens with the ability to look over

5.20. Ish-Cabibbble: Nonsense

5.21. Casualties: Someone who has been injured or died in battle

5.22. Parson: Like a Priest or a minister

5.23. Canteen: Water Bottle

5.24. Bugle: Instrument that announces meals, battles etc...The highlanders used bagpipes for the same reason

5.25. Rations: Food given to solders (non perishable) - Bully Beef, Duff pudding, hard tack

5.26. Howitzer: An Allied Artillery cannon