new learning idea

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new learning idea by Mind Map: new learning idea

1. inquiry based learning

1.1. brainstroming

1.2. collecting evidence

1.3. group discussion

1.4. group work

1.5. designing and carring out a plan

1.6. to develop the question power of the student

1.7. remove the student misconception and develop the understanding content materials

2. engage and focus

2.1. engage the student

2.2. focus on the problem

2.3. participation of student independently

2.4. focus on achievement

3. student interest

4. student centeric

4.1. engage the student more than 75% in structure and beyond the structure of learning

4.2. teacher guided in effectively and motivate them

5. problems based learning

6. project based learning

6.1. develop the real project engaging the student

7. information based learning

8. lab based learning

9. design based learning

10. space based learning

10.1. visit the students in real place and study about that and make the report about that place.