parts of speech

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parts of speech by Mind Map: parts of speech

1. verb

1.1. a verb is a doing word

1.2. eating

1.2.1. running

2. prepositions

3. Adverbs

4. a noun is naming word. eg isaac,peter

5. adjectives are words that

6. types of adjectives include; demonstrative adjectives, interrogative ajectives and among others

7. There are eight parts of speech

8. nouns

8.1. nouns are names of people ,places,animals or objects

8.2. boy

8.2.1. mountain

8.3. propernouns

8.3.1. common nouns

8.4. types of noun

9. pronoun

9.1. eg she for female

9.1.1. pronoun is the word that describes a noun eg He-is the pronoun of males.

10. an adjective is aword that describes anoun

11. These words which are used to show wonder, surprise, sorrow or joy. eg bravo!, hurray!, wow!, oops! etc.

12. noun

13. adjective