Varicose Vein – List of Factors and How to get rid of them?

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Varicose Vein – List of Factors and How to get rid of them? by Mind Map: Varicose Vein – List of Factors and How to get rid of them?

1. Having an enlarged and twisted vein? Well, that would be varicose veins that appear on your body – it might appear in blue or dark purple. Varicose veins may look as swollen, lumpy, bulging and develops a tiny valve inside your veins. This is the reason that stops the proper flow of blood circulation and the blood collects in your veins. If you are experiencing symptoms such as heavy, painful, achy legs, throbbing or cramping in your legs. Moreover, it worsened the pain in your lower leg after sitting or standing for a long time, and skin ulcers near your ankle. Varicose veins can lead to serious conditions such as cramping in the legs, restlessness, burning, The varicose veins may result to serious conditions, i.e. restlessness, cramping in the legs, burning, throbbing, tingling, or heaviness in the legs, dry, irritated, scaly skin that can crack easily, thickening and hardening of the skin in the legs and ankles. The varicose vein can lead to serious problems if not treated quickly. Here we include some risk factors that might trigger your condition. • Was born with defective valves • Obesity • Pregnancy, hormonal changes and menopause can lead to varicose veins • Old age • Prolonged sitting and standing • With history of blood clots in your legs • history of varicose veins And perhaps you may be wondering how to get rid of the condition? Here’s the guide below (preferably as the varicose vein clinic for further guides to combat or ease the condition) 1. Adjust or Change your Lifestyle a) Try to avoid long periods of sitting or standing. By keeping your legs in the same position for so long may reduce the blood flow in your legs and may result in varicose veins. Focus your mind on turning the position of your legs alternatively to maintain good flow. b) As much as possible avoid wearing high-heels or pumps as well as tight clothes. It will be easier to the blood circulation if you maintain a low-key lifestyle such as wearing low-heeled shoes and not so tight clothes. Free or give space to your legs or waist! c) Do an exercise and on regular basis that way it can improve both muscle tone and the blood flow to your legs. IF you are overweight, try to lose some weight – it can ease the pressure both on your legs and may reduce varicose veins. 2. Consult to varicose vein clinic in order to get rid the twisted and enlarged veins. a) Speak with your doctor about the vein removal surgery – if you are very much concerned with the way your veins appeared. Describe them what thing you did or relay the self-care method you have done but it did not show any positive results. b) Ask your doctor about the risk of developing varicose veins. The medical expert will explain it to you the factors that contribute to risk factor. Example: age, sex, family history, heredity, obesity, prolonged sitting or standing. c) If home remedies will do, to get rid the condition, ask the doctor if it is the best option to treat the varicose veins if you are on any other medication. Remember to always consult your doctor about any side-effects of home remedies before you apply them to your bulging, lumpy and swollen veins. If the symptoms get lots of complications contact the varicose vein specialist in your area immediately!