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Rule the World by Mind Map: Rule the World
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Rule the World



Physical Growth

Weigh 177 lbs., Training., Train every week, Intermediate:, Intermediate:, Rushfit during schooltime., For inbetweens:, abs everyday:,, Be able to do 50 pushups at once, 25 chin-ups at once, 100 sit ups at once., Be able to run a short distance without getting out of breath., Run on mornings, between training days, eventually run every week day., Fighting., Be able to fight someone and win., Eventually be able to fight three men and win., Start grappling., Improve stand up.,

Eat healthy every day., Eat vegetarian food at least twice every week.,,,

Play my guitar for at least two hours every week.

Mental Growth

Meditate every day.

Be happy every day., Eventually die happy.

Hurt less.

Be more selfish

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