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2. How to Support Degree Completion for Community College Students by Mind Map: 2. How to Support Degree Completion
for Community College Students
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2. How to Support Degree Completion for Community College Students

Initiatives Addressing Community Colleges Shortfalls (a few examples)

Federal level

Trade Adjustment Assistance for Community College & Career Training Grant Program

Occupation and Academic Certificate Integration

Community College Summit 2010

State level

Arizona, Project H.O.P.E., Academic preparation via AGEC & associates, Enroll earlier, Degree completion at associates and bachelor's level, Supported by online websites in order to provide accessible information, Project: Video Blog by Community College Students, Provide important information to students, Official Information, admission requirements, when to apply, scholarships, financial aid, Unofficial Information, where to park?, who are the good professors?, where to eat?, biggest challenges...& how to overcome them, Benefits of Technology & Social Media, Accessible anytime in any place, Virtual community, Engage busy students, Create connections, Power of first-hand experience, Empowering students, Peer education, Implementation, Collaborators, Government, State, Federal, Platform, Website, Trustworthy, Public Sector (official information),,,,, Private Sector (unofficial information),, CollegeClickTV, College to Careers

Scholarly Summit & Library Seminars

Private foundations

Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

Skills for America in the Future

Non-Profit organizations

Achieving the Dream

Community Colleges Current Challenging Status leads to...

lack of degree completion

uneducated or untrained future workforce

challenges social and economic prosperity

Community Colleges offer...(background information)

upward economic mobility

access to underrepresented populations

affordable college tuition

relevant job training

education to nearly half of current undergraduates

Community Colleges Supporters

Obama Administration

The Gates Foundation

Lumina Foundation

State & Local Government

Community Colleges Organizations & Associations