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Article a or an by Mind Map: Article a or an

1. "An " is used after a vowel (a, E, I, O, u) Example:-An apple-an angel-an egg-an universe-an island-an elbow

2. Use "a" when the noun that follows begins with consonant sound It is important that you observe how I have emphasized again that it is the sound and not the letter itself

2.1. . This is because there are some letters that, depending on the word, may sound as consonant or may be mute

3. The words "a " and "an " are items to indicate a thing (such as "an " or "a " in Spanish)

4. an

5. a

6. 1. "A" is used with names that start with a consonant. Examples: I have a dog a ball a pencil

7. This is because some words are pronounced with consonant sound despite the fact that their first letter is a vowel.

7.1. There are exceptions' ' an ' is used before the H, example:-An hour-an heart

7.1.1. The letter ' H ': The letter ' U ':

8. Rules of use A ,AN

9. When you use a or an will tell you that this depends on whether the word that follows starts with a vowel or a consonant, however that is a common mistake.

10. In reality the use of a or an is not dependent on the first letter of the word that follows it, but on the first sound of the word that follows it.

11. an apple an egg an ant it 's examples use of AN

12. Los Artículos básicos en Inglés, dónde y como usar "the" y "a" "Yes en Inglés 1" [Video 4]

13. Reglas y excepciones con los artículos A y AN