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The kids (Slovak tale) - Uchronia by Mind Map: The kids (Slovak tale) -
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The kids (Slovak tale) - Uchronia


Main story

Mother, Appearance: Adorable, alert, cute, Condition: careful, cautious, clever, helpful, tender, Feelings: calm, cooperative, courageous, determined, eager, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, gentle






Second story

nanny goat, Appearance: alert, Condition: careful, cautious, clever, Feelings: brave, faithful, glorious, tender

kids, the oldest, Appearance: alert, Condition: brainy, careful, cautious, clever, concerned, Feelings: brave, calm, courageous, obedient, youngsters, Appearance: adventurous, dull, non-alert, Condition: curious, helpless, puzzled, stupid, Feelings: confused, defiant, foolish, frightened


wolf, Appearance: aggressive, Condition: bad, powerful, tough, wild, Feelings: angry, arrogant, combative, cruel, dangerous, evil, frantic, fierce




Main story

Slovak village

Second story

hill > meadow > little house


Main story


Second story



With this fairy tale mothers quiet their children and call their attention on the one hand to the faithful care of a mother and on the other to the results of children's disobedience.

With fairy tales such as this, psychologists in movies try to get to the truth that their clients want to hide (by I.P.)

People sometimes use fairy tales in their writings in order to attach relevant characteristics to specific people in their daily or professional life


Main story

setting the scene, place, characters, appearance, condition, feelings, time, family size

mother's narration

Second story

setting the scene, place, characters, appearance, condition, feelings, time, family size

mother's order, The father gets secretly out of the house and tries to find help

ACTION, 1st wolf's attempt to enter to the house: unsuccessful, Wolf's visit to the smith (thin throat), 2nd wolf's attempt to enter to the house: unsuccessful, the oldest kid: NO, the younger kids: NO, Wolf's visit to the smith (key), 3rd wolf's attempt to enter to the house: successful, the oldest kid: give orders to the younger kids about where to hide, the younger kids: obey to the oldest kid's orders, wolf: puzzled and angry, can't find the kids, the oldest kid: think of a plan to capture the wolf, the younger kids: follow the oldest kid's plan, nanny goat return to home and find the wolf captured and the kids singing and dancing, The wolf escapes and all the kids are running all over the place (by I.P.), The wolf captures one of them and when he is ready to eat it..., ... his mother shows up and prevents him from doing so!, In reality, two from the children have masquaraded themselves as the Mother Wolf and succeeded in saving their friend