Volkswagen AG

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Volkswagen AG by Mind Map: Volkswagen AG

1. Volkswagen

1.1. Polo. Golf. Golf Plus. Golf Cabriole,Golf Variant, Eos, Jetta, Passat, Passat CC, Phaeton

2. Finance

3. Commercial Vehicles

3.1. Volkswagen Commercial

3.2. Scania AB

3.3. Man SE

4. Passenger Cars- Europe

4.1. Mainstream Brands

4.1.1. Audi A1 A3 hatchback sportback saloon cabrio A4 A4 saloon A4 cabrio A4 Avant A4 quattro S4 A5 A5 S5 A6 A7 A8

4.1.2. Seat Ibiza Leon Toledo

4.1.3. Skoda Citigo Fabia Octavia Superb

4.2. Prestige Brands

4.2.1. Bugatti

4.2.2. Lamborghini

4.2.3. Bentley

5. Volkswagen Group China VGC

6. Inactive Brands

6.1. Horsch

6.2. Auto Union

6.3. Wanderer

6.4. Dampf Kraft Wagen (DKW)

6.5. NSU Motorenwerke AG