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Article by Mind Map: Article

1. A

1.1. use "a" when the noun that follows begins with a consonant sound.

1.2. a book-Un libro

1.3. a clock – un reloj.

1.4. a dollar – un dolar.

2. An

2.1. Use "an" when the noun that follows begins with a vowel sound. Some words are pronounced with a consonant sound even though their first letter is a vowel.

2.2. an egg – un huevo

2.3. an ant – una hormiga

2.4. an oven – un horno

3. Examples of sentences with "an"

3.1. you can reach me a book

3.2. I have a clock, he's beautiful

3.3. I have brought a dollar

4. Example of sentences with "a"

4.1. there is an egg

4.2. I was stung by an ant

4.3. I want to buy an over

5. Exceptions

5.1. As you already know there are some exceptions to this rule, and here I present them to you. There are two exceptions related to two specific letters, remember it and you can be sure that you are using the indefinite article in English in the correct way.

5.2. Exception 1: the letter "h" when it is silent. in this case use "an"

5.2.1. EXAMPLES: an horse, an house, an hour

5.3. Exception 2: the letter "u" when it sounds like "you" in this case uses "a"

5.3.1. EXAMPLE: an umbrella, a uniform, a uncle, an university.