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Barack Obama by Mind Map: Barack Obama

1. Childhood

1.1. Obama was the only U.S. president to be born outside of the 48 states that border one another

1.2. His father divorced his mother when he was a child and was barely involved in his life

1.3. He has 8 brothers and sisters!

2. Education

2.1. From age six to ten Obama attended school in Indonesia

2.2. Obama attended middle and high school in Honolulu

2.3. He attended Occidental College in L.A. and later transferred to Columbia University where he received his degree in international relations.

3. Important Dates

3.1. 1988- Obama starts studying at Harvard Law

3.2. 1996- Obama elected into Illinois senate

3.3. 1999- Obama runs for congress, but loses to Bobby Rush

3.4. 2009- Obama sworn in as United States 44th president

4. Obama

5. Barack