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Mobile/Student Devices in the Classroom by Mind Map: Mobile/Student Devices in
the Classroom
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Mobile/Student Devices in the Classroom

The purpose of this map is to explore evidence and examples of the use of mobile and student owned devices for learning in the classroom

General Introductions

Thoughts on Mobile Learning

Top 50 mLearning resources

Mobile Learning a Brief Reading List

m-Learning International

Dr Steve Yuen

A general intro to m-Learning power point slides from lecture tour 1994

World Bank -What do we know about mobile phones in education?

Learning Unplugged

10 Mobile Facts

Facts on mobile use in developing countries from consultancy firm File is attached

Mobile Learning for Expanding Educational Activities

Conference Document Has examples of projects in developing nations


moblearn - Blog

Mobile Learning - Blog

Liz Kolb - Using Student Technology


emoderation station


Digital Video in Class

Journal Articles

Lit review Naismith et al (2004)

eJournal eLDI Asia

Horizon Report 2010

power & sankale: rural teacher pd in africa

Kneebone & Angus: Mobile Touch

Becta: How mobile phones may help learning in secondary schools

If you can't beat em join em


Mohammed Ally - Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training

where m-learning sits

Examples / Projects


EUSD iRead

ipad for med students US

iSchool Initiative


Mobile Active (Using Mobile Technology for Social Impact)

32 8 year olds an ipod


new learning institute ( look it up)


Augmented Reality

Nanyang Girls School Singapore


Mobile use in Africa


Central Coast High School Ditches Textbooks

Mobile tools

Poll Everywhere

Mobile Study

I Edu Apps Review

m-Learning NZ

Ako Aotearoa - m-Learning Community

TVNZ News 26/07/10

Orakei Primary

NZ Student documentary - MLearning

Nathan Kerr - m-Learning

Nathan discusses changing times: The types of teachers: The roles of the 21st Century Teacher are as follows: .          The Energiser Teacher .          The Ethicist Teacher .          The Entrepreneur Teacher .          The Environmentalist Teacher    

Dr Noeline Wright

projectmobilise Youtube Channel

Auckaland Museum

Interview Dr Noeline Wright

mLearnopedia NZ blog : Judy Brown

mLearning Workshops

tom cochrane

Mobile Learning Case Studies Overview 2

MLearning Slide show

Orewa College ipads

Patrick Walsh Principals Ass

Mark Osborne Albany Senior High School

Toni Twiss

Toni Twiss - edcautor with strengths in mlearning - blog

Toni Twiss - research - How can mobile phones be integrated into authentic classroom

Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Interface Magazine

Extending wireless to student homes

Mobile Research