Way of the Fight - Georges St Pierre

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Way of the Fight - Georges St Pierre by Mind Map: Way of the Fight - Georges St Pierre

1. Success comes from only 1 Place

1.1. Hard Work

1.1.1. Larry Holmes said "Hard Work is not easy - but it is fair"

1.2. People can

1.2.1. Rob you

1.2.2. Cheat you

1.2.3. But they can't take away your hard work

1.3. Refer Book: Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

1.3.1. Consistent Effort over time

1.4. Refer Book: 10x Rule - Grant Cardone

1.4.1. Work 10x Harder

2. Like an Ant

2.1. GSP is like an ANT

2.1.1. Always going somewhere

2.1.2. Always on a mission Always doing something that will get you closer to your goals

2.1.3. Can not be Stopped Never stop moving The only way to stop him would be to kill him Constantly finding new ways to get to the goal Obstacles can't stop him Tree trunk Twigs Go through them or around them

2.1.4. No doubt or confusion Decision made Lets move

2.1.5. He can thrive in any ecosystem Modify it to get to your goals

3. Arete

3.1. "Virtue or Excellence"

3.2. Meaning: "the aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character."

3.3. Discovering What can make you great

3.3.1. Identifying the source of that greatness

3.3.2. Activating that source of greatness every day

4. On Fear

4.1. Fear is the genesis of greatness

4.1.1. Fear is the beginning of every great success

4.2. I don't like fear - but I love it

4.2.1. Someone without fear can't push themselves You can't get better without fear Can't transform -ve to +ve

4.2.2. You need fear in order to become courageous You don't stop feeling fear You take action in face of fear Refer Book: Feel the Fear and do it Anyways

4.3. Eliminating Fear is a LIE

4.3.1. It is not possible

4.3.2. The Key to learn How to use fear to become better

4.3.3. Refer Book: Awaken the Giant Within

4.4. How to make fear your weapon?

4.4.1. Accept it

4.4.2. Embrace it

4.4.3. See it as an opportunity not as a problem or crisis

4.4.4. Refer Book Upside of Stress Challenge Response v/s Threat Response

5. Humility

5.1. Humility is the 1st rule of martial arts

5.1.1. Either you learn it

5.1.2. Or you leave Because you can't handle losing repeatedly

5.2. It is the fundamental rule of learning anything new

5.2.1. Learning and mastering anything new will involve a lot of failures

5.2.2. You have to have the humility to handle those failures

6. Salute your Adversary

6.1. Salutes his opponent before every fight

6.1.1. Out of respect

6.1.2. The opponent is needed in order for him to fight

6.1.3. The opponent makes him complete He makes his life possible

6.1.4. The opponent makes him a better man He forces him to get the best out of himself

6.2. Refer: Arnold Toynbee - Nobel Prize Nominee

6.2.1. Challenge Response Theory

7. Greatness = Vision * Discipline (John Danaher)

7.1. His coach says

7.1.1. "Georges should not have succeeded because" He has no great athletic abilities He was not a stellar student at school

7.1.2. But he succeeded because He had an extremely clear vision And he just did the hard work with discipline He built routines SO that he could do what he needed to do no matter what the situation Refer Book: Willpower He never misses a day in training Never says

8. Increase your Probability of success - John Danaher, Jiu Jitsu Teacher

8.1. We live in an uncertain world

8.1.1. It is governed by probability

8.2. What we can do

8.2.1. Create conditions that Raise the probability of success

8.2.2. The best we can do Stack odds in our favor

8.3. Every little decision is either

8.3.1. Increasing our probability of success

8.3.2. Decreasing the probability of success

8.4. Always be maximizing your chances of success

8.5. Refer Book: Slight Edge

8.5.1. Every moment we are either moving towards or away from our goals

8.5.2. Every moment is an opportunity for getting that slight edge

9. 2 Kinds of Beliefs you need

9.1. You need 2 kinds of beliefs in order to become a Champion

9.1.1. Belief that You CAN and WILL

9.1.2. Disbelief from others The disbelievers Those who don't believe you can do it The doubters are the ones who make us work the hardest Story of Fighting with Matt Hughes 1st Fight Started to doubt himself He used that doubt and fear as ammunition 2nd Fight

10. Crappy Days are more important

10.1. You don't get better on days you feel like doing the work

10.2. You get better on days when you do the work even when you don't feel like doing it

10.2.1. When you overcome your inner demons

10.2.2. It's not your best work But you still do it

10.2.3. Growth is a long term game

10.2.4. That's when you feel the BEST

10.2.5. You prove to yourself that "I am the one under Control" I will vanquish the negativity

11. Who is GSP?

11.1. 3 Time UFC World Champion

11.2. This Book =

11.2.1. Stories from GSP

11.2.2. Stories and Lessons from his coaches and Mentors