To what extent does someone's religious belief factor into how society views them?

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To what extent does someone's religious belief factor into how society views them? by Mind Map: To what extent does someone's religious belief factor into how society views them?

1. Demographics #1: There are over 4,300 religions in the U.S and Christianity claims about 2 billion people and islam about 1.5 billion.

2. Ethics #1: Typically people who follow their beliefs have morals. they tend to have certain behaviors that are different from everyone else.

3. History #1: Ever since the attack of the world trade center on 9/11 Muslims have been under a lot of scrutiny too. The attack was coordinated by Muslims but what people fail to realize is that they were radical Muslims. And by doing that attack they made other Muslims look bad because there are some really nice people who are Muslim out there.

4. Education #1: Religion used to be a big part of the school system but over the years it has slowly dwindled away.

5. Economics #1: Religion plays a role in some aspects of this economy. Some religious organizations are trying their best to abolish abortions because there is never a good reason to end life no matter how undeveloped or developed the child may be.

6. Technology #1: People have used the internet to make people who have religious beliefs look bad. often times people who have religious beliefs are persecuted and mocked because of the things that they believe

7. History #2: Most of the world knows that people can be affected in a very negative way just for having certain beliefs. this is evident when we see Christians being beheaded by the Islamic group known as Isis

8. Technology #2: Religious groups may use online to reach people where they may be.

9. Technology #3: The internet can be used as a community to help people who do not have the luxury of meeting the groups in person

10. Technology #4: Church's are also using social media to spread the word about when they may have their services or sermons

11. Technology #5: Many church's and non profit organizations have sought the help of tech people and specialists to help guide them in the way that is best for them.

12. History #3: Churches have been blown up and changed into mosques, monuments and tombstones destroyed.

13. History #4: In the 20th century the Armenians were killed by the thousands and the world basically acted like nothing happened

14. History #5: People tend to think that the persecution of Christians only happens in other countries. but it happens quite often in America. Religions get stuck with stereotypes such as Catholics, they are stuck with the stereotype that the priests are pedophiles all because of what some other person did.

15. Ethics #2: Christians have a respect for the sanctity of marriage and they usually hold off on intercourse until they are married to each other. They do not usually live with their lovers until after they are married.

16. Ethics #3: They also have a strict rule against using profane language they stray from cussing because it is a very horrible language to use anywhere.

17. Ethics #4: They are mostly very kind and compassionate, Christians lead their lives according to how Jesus lived his. so they strive to be people who love each other and help each other out.

18. Ethics #5: Christians also follow the bible to the teeth, they follow God's laws and they strive to do what is right no matter how many people are doing the wrong thing.

19. Economics #2: There have been protests to ban the selling of alcohol on Sunday's which are known for being religious days

20. Economics #3: And you can imagine how the owners of these liquor stores would be. sales would drop and their business would decrease.

21. Economics #4: There has also been many discussions about the abolishment of Gay marriage because of the beliefs of God creating male for female, and back in the day everyone knew that it was not heard of for someone to live that sort of lifestyle.

22. Economics #5: Out of all the religions Christianity has the most influenced role in economic growth

23. Education #2: Years ago school prayer used to be apart of every day school activities students would report to the U.S flag and pray

24. Education #3: The lack of religion in schools has shown a negative decline in schools everywhere. back when there was prayer in school, there was not as much violence in schools as there is now

25. Education #4: Since the separation of religion from schools students behaviors have gotten worse, school shootings have happened more and unspeakable things have happened.

26. Education #5: There used to even be paddling in schools because it would teach students how to behave in class and it gave them a sense of morality.

27. Demographics #2: Unfortunately not everyone thinks that religion is a good thing. People with beliefs are often mistreated or even worse.

28. Demographics #3: Over 90,000 Christians have been hurt for their beliefs

29. Demographics #4: The Islamic religion takes about a quarter of the global population, they mostly reside in the Middle east, north Africa and asia

30. Demographics #5: Christians talk up about 2.3 billion people it is a predominant religion at Europe, America, Africa and australia