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Wikidocumentaries by Mind Map: Wikidocumentaries

1. Enriching/Crowdsourcing

1.1. Images, media

1.1.1. Geolocating

1.1.2. Indentifying People Topics, objects, places Time Events and periods

1.2. Scanned documents

1.2.1. Media types Newspaper articles Letters Batches of uniform documents eg cards

1.2.2. Actions OCR Transcribe / proofread Create and store data tables Named Entity Recognition Indexing Identify regions Transcribe Validate Store as data table

1.3. Data

1.3.1. Edit at Wikidata

1.4. Articles

1.4.1. Edit at the original location eg Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc.

1.5. Create a collection

1.5.1. Describe topic with links to topics

1.6. List of tools

1.6.1. Geolocating tool

1.6.2. Rephotography tool

1.6.3. Georeferencing tool for maps

1.6.4. Transcription tool

1.6.5. Image batch tagging tool

1.6.6. NER tool

1.6.7. Indexing tool

1.6.8. Image annotation tool

1.6.9. Editor to record map features and place names (preferable iD for OHM)

1.7. Curation actions

1.7.1. Select to a collection Upload to open repository

1.7.2. Remove from search result

1.7.3. Discuss

2. Discovery

2.1. Types

2.1.1. Images, media Sources Finna Wikimedia Commons Flickr Commons Europeana Partner projects Search criteria Topic title Related topics and data Location Time Similarity Images section

2.1.2. Scanned documents Sources Own open – which platform? Finna Other memory organisations In the documents section

2.1.3. Articles Sources Wikipedia articles Newspaper articles Other open sources

2.1.4. Source literature Bibliographies Citations Sources and citations section Check out WikiCite

2.1.5. Data Open datasets Geographic datasets In datasets section Wikidata In Wikidata section

2.1.6. User generated content Testimonials Remixes UGC section

2.1.7. Geographic data Types Points of interest Place names Old maps Borders and vectors Geocoded data Basemap Placement Map section Textual information / data

2.1.8. Feeds In the feed section

2.2. Display

2.2.1. Topic page sections Wikipedia article Structured data section UGC section: articles, testimonials, enquiries Media section Single image Set Topic navigation Subtopics Main topic Other? Sources and citations section Map section Points Borders and shapes Choropleth Map image overlay Interactive, links Legend Spatiotemporal (timeline, animation...) Datasets section Links to related datasets for further elaboration Possibility to manipulate in Wikidocumentaaries? Graph / Data visualisations by topic type Family tree Timeline Geographic subdivisions Predecessors, followers Newspaper section Documents section Call-to-action buttons

2.2.2. Display variations Section view Extended view, full page Tool view

2.2.3. Full page displays Zoomable, pannable mosaic Image zoom view Slideshow Map view Graph explorer

3. Feeds and streams

3.1. Event timeline feed

3.1.1. Subscribe to an existing feed

3.1.2. Configure 10/25/50/100 years ago etc

3.1.3. Display Front page feed Related topic page

3.1.4. Share Social media

3.2. Follow content from a user

3.3. Follow a topic

3.3.1. Creations related to topic

3.3.2. Content changes

3.3.3. Discussion

3.4. Follow updates from a community of interest

3.4.1. Discussion

4. Users and communities

4.1. Users

4.1.1. Activities Join community Follow topics

4.1.2. Types Real name participants Can represent organisations Links to social media? Can collect media sets Organisational users Has representative users Can display their own dynamic media sets Links to social media?

4.2. Communities of interest

4.2.1. Link to external communities Facebook groups Wikipedia task forces Offline communities Online communities

4.2.2. Activities Collect resources to topics Follow topics Discussion Tasks and talkoot

4.3. Signing in

4.3.1. OAuth

4.3.2. Email

4.3.3. MediaWiki authentication

5. Contributing

5.1. Media upload

5.1.1. Images

5.1.2. Documents

5.1.3. Video

5.2. Testimonials

5.2.1. Articles Create local locked wiki article Create or fork a local collaborative article

5.2.2. Media Create data tables from documents Sound recording Video recording

5.3. Data

5.3.1. Read and manipulate data tables

5.4. Quizzes or enquiries

5.4.1. Who, where, what, when

5.4.2. Tasks and talkoot

5.4.3. Appear contextually Related topics Feeds

5.5. List of contributing tools

5.5.1. Media upload tool Upload Read existing metadata Check copyright Check privacy Save Images Other media

5.5.2. Recording tool Record Record text Record musical score by singing or playing Video Audio Interview Look at images together

5.5.3. Visual Editor for articles

5.5.4. Quiz / enquiry creation tool

5.5.5. Some simple data table tool that can check and update Wikidata

6. Reuse, remix

6.1. Reuse tools

6.1.1. Media remix tool Arrange images, text, sound on a timeline

6.1.2. Storymap tool

6.2. Generated

6.2.1. Types Timelines of images, text and sound Event timelines Image mosaics Maps POIs Animated temporal maps Old borders and names Routes Choropleth maps Heatmaps Graph Family tree Related topics

6.2.2. Actions Continue and correct a generated result