Cultural Considerations:Netherlands

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Cultural Considerations:Netherlands by Mind Map: Cultural Considerations:Netherlands

1. Holidays and Celebrations

1.1. April 27- King's birthday

1.2. May 10- Ascension day

1.3. Dec 5 & 6- St Nicholas's Eve and St Nicholas's day

1.4. it is recommended to bring a bouquet of flowers when visiting a dutch home.

1.5. Imported liquor

1.6. a book about your home or city

2. Custom

2.1. Shake hands with everybody present and say your first and last name

2.2. Intensive eye contact during conversations (indicates trust)

2.3. -If invited to a Dutch room, bring chocolates, a potted plant, a book or flowers to the hosters.

3. Level of education

4. Communication protocols

4.1. The Dutch are hospitable, yet this is often reserved for family and friends. In business they tend to be reserved and formal.

4.2. The Dutch are extremely direct in their communication.

4.3. They do not touch one another and appreciate it when those they do business with maintain the proper distance, do not demonstrate emotion or use exaggerated hand gestures.

5. Buisiness etiqutte

5.1. Being late means you are untrustworthy

5.2. No meetings in summer (vacation period)

5.3. In meetings, unles everyone agrees, a decision will never be made.

6. Religious beliefs

6.1. places high value on cleanliness and neatness

6.2. dislike displays of wealth, boasts of accomplishments or material possesions

6.3. private people, usually dislike attention drawn to them

6.4. Nearly half of the population has no affiliation to any religious body