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Howie's Ranking, Traffic, and Income System by Mind Map: Howie
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Howie's Ranking, Traffic, and Income System

Build Sites

Site Content

Affiliate links to affiliate programs

Link to another social media property





Affiliate data feeds

Site Building Tools

Site Building Methods

Social media property promotion- Bounce page(example-Squidoo)


Tools, Ezine Articles Site, Article Wizard Pro, Unique article wizard, Howies article resource box generator


Tools, Traffic Geyser, Animoto

Techniques, Traffic Geyser's ideas, Multiple submissions, different formats, Bookmakr videos, Heavy multiple entries of hop to url in filling out form, Using same tags as a much watched video so your video will show up as a related tag, Use a video to comment on a video, Have a video channel for ongoing viewing


Tools, Howie's pinger

How to use it- what to ping, Social sites, Videos, Tags, RSS Feeds from social sites, Feed Generation Feeds


Tools, Howie's bookmarking generator

How to use it, Bookmark social sites, Bookmark videos

RSS Feeds?

Replace links in others feeds with your links (Howie tool)

Add friends

Howie's people generation

ID Social Property Money Site and Link Other Sites to That Site


Bookmark and ping the tags


Flickr and others, Recency of posts gets Google ranking

Press Releases

Can even submit as pad file

Howie's press release formatter

Audio Podcasting

Haven't heard howie is submitting to podcast directories

Outbound link

Other social media property

Your own domain

Straight to affiliate

Howie's Feed Generation

Embed your links in found feeds/mixed new feeds

PAD Files

Used to be only for SW, now can use for pdfs

Get clarification of how use urls when submitting

Ask Howie if torrents apply for marketing

Get people off soc property pages as quickly as possible

Strong calls to action

More than one link and stragegy such as linking photo/image not just within text

Work Method and Tools

Tracking Spreadsheet

Keyword List



Provide training videos to outsourcers

Writing content, Provide an outline, Provide the research

Pay them for the job, not for their time

Finding outsource folks, Elance, Rent a coder, Amazon site-geek something I think, forgot name

Howie's new project management tool

Howie's new project management tool


Need a better, one comprehensive diagram of linking strategies to everywhere

Identifying potential niche markets (need to better SPERATE NICHE RESEARCH AND NICHE ID & COMPETITIVE INTEL

Howie's Google with new eyes beautiful woman view

How much adwords spending, If adword spending means keyword is buying term, Buy versus browse

Look for and note keyword modifiers, Plan ad groups, Build squeeze page

Keyword research Niche research

Keyword research tools, Google external keyword research tool, Howie's keyword secret, Google Insigths for Search, Search volume trends, Geographic trends, Rising keywords, Top Related,, Narrow Search/ Broaden Search, Yahoo Answers, Problems our market wants addressed, Google News (sort by date), What is happening right now, - sign ecludes items, Term in quiotes, Ezine Articles, What titles I should concentrate on, Be inspired for type of content I should be covering, Google Base (Shopping), Models to concentrate on, Reviews- how to develop your own review pages, Wikipedia, Background on niche don't know anyhing about, Adwords, Find maximum ads possible, Technorati,, Yahoo Buzz

What are keyword modifiers found in Google?

Google external research tool (Metasearch engine for forums), What people talking about now, Hot topics of conversation, Problems in market

Infoproduct Generation Tool, Puts research into one automated interface


Adwords, Headline, Copy

Look for brands

Trend watching

Follow popular media, Infomercials, Top Books, TV Shows Like Opra

Google Insights

Google Trends

Google News

Problems people want solved, Yahoo Answers ?


Find related sites with same demographics (not sure if this concept really applies to Howie?)

YouTube- What's popular and what people talking about

Identify Niche Markets (before niche research)

Add more on how to fail niche markers

VERY IMPORTANT: Look for long tail buying term keywords!

Use specific product names, brands, Use keyword modifiers for those brands, Mispellings including no spacesin a phrase

Diversified Revenue Sources

Affiliate Programs





Criteria to select which products

Lead Generation

Revenue approaches, To sell own product, For local businesses, Rent leads, Sell leads, CPA offers, Build your list/ business

Howie's leadgen program with Dr. Mike

Getting high rankings for another's site such as local businesses

Authority Sites

Information product creation

Customer ownership/ lifetime value

Outsource writing, Elance, Provide, Table of contents, Reseach results, Googlenews, Boardtracker etc, Google organic results for competitors, Wikipedia

Your own domain or subset of public domain like wordpress

Affiliate data feed




Outbound links

RSS feeds

Key Strategies

Sustainable Traffic

Strategy, Different communications channels, Twitter, Youtube channel/ alerts when nww

Quick hit






Determing niche commercial viability OPW-Video 9

Adwords ad for free report (Click through rate)


Don't assume- market only tells you


Click through rate

Survey comption

Direct relationship of test to commercial resuts


Survey, Survey monkey

Ad copy

Landing page

Action Steps


Product "Development", Affiliate Program, Information Products

Niche ID..

Competetive Research

Niche Research